Join us in 2015!

Design for the Web. Better.

Meet the interactive designers, programmers and developers behind blockbuster web design projects for Google, Etsy, Fitbit and more. They’ll demystify complex concepts, share processes you can apply to your own work, and clue you in to the web design trends and tools you need to know about. All with the trademark friendly content, networking and inspiration you expect from the team that created HOW Design Live.

You’ll learn about key web design issues, including responsive design, data visualization, content strategy and information design, as well as tips for communicating and working effectively across your entire team.

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“The speakers and sessions were a perfect mash-up of everything I've been afraid to ask. Technical with a healthy dose of big picture thinking.”

– Margaret Z., Baltimore

who should attend

If you’re a designer who works across platforms to meet your clients’ needs—or a developer or programmer who works with design and designers—you need to be at HIDC for a career-boosting three-day experience. You’ll go home with clear ideas about improving your web design process, confidence in your communication with others involved in the creation of digital products, and a network of colleagues to compare notes with.